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The AApproach method is a vocal training methodology which focuses on freeing the voice by restoring full function to the entire instrument.

“Most people who struggle with singing do not lack talent or ability. The problem is that the muscles which should be working to support the voice have atrophied, leaving the neck, jaw, and tongue muscles to do a job that they are not properly equipped to do – resulting in strain and tightness. The key is not necessarily to ‘teach someone to sing’, but rather to rehabilitate the weak musculature. Our pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, posterior chain, diaphragm, and rib cage are meant to all work together perfectly to fuel and protect our voice. Once you reawaken this true, natural, vocal support mechanism, singing feels pretty easy. Lost range is restored, the voice becomes resonant and powerful, and the instrument is protected.”

– Eric Arceneaux

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Need help recovering from a vocal injury? Maybe you simply want to take your skills to the next level: range expansion, power,  control, etc. Either way, a certified AApproach instructor can be a game-changer, offering expert advice and guidance. 


If you don’t feel quite ready for a one-on-one, try one of our best-selling courses or our new highly-praised Patreon for singers.

The AApproach is not genre-specific and can be applied to any musical style of singing. Most other vocal methods give isolated focus to only one aspect of technique (i.e. mixing, support, breathing, diaphragm strengthening), and as a result create imbalances that leave the singer feeling restricted, vocally limited, and perpetually frustrated. The AApproach method, however, combines time-tested ancient traditional wisdom with cutting edge modern voice science. We realize that your entire body is the instrument. Science, both old an new, has made it clear that you are designed to sing. With that understanding, the question is not “Can you sing?” but rather “How do we restore the gift that has been yours all along?”. Singing should feel natural and easy. Our goal as AApproach instructors is that of rehabilitation, restoring you to full vocal fold strength, respiratory strength, and ultimate vocal freedom.

Principles of the AApproach Method

Human beings are designed to sing

We all have within us a natural mechanism by which the voice can be perfectly protected, supported, and liberated. This mechanism unifies and coordinates the respiratory-postural muscles (i.e. pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, posterior chain, diaphragm, and rib cage) to efficiently fuel a dynamic voice. While this mechanism has had many names throughout many cultures over the course of human history, we at AApproach simply refer to it as the support reflex.

Unfortunately, due to harmful vocal methods and unhealthy movement patterns/ lifestyle habits, the support reflex for most people weakens severely, leaving the throat, tongue, and jaw muscles to support the voice. This creates the uncomfortable vocal experiences of strain, reaching for notes, hoarseness, and in many cases vocal injury. But, with help, the support reflex can be fully restored and singing once more becomes easy and consistent.

We at AApproach do not focus on one element of technique alone, such as mixing. By developing the entire body as an instrument, vocal faults naturally correct themselves. The registers become blended, resonance is optimized, and the voice becomes incredibly healthy and resistant to damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice Lessons

The AApproach Method is a holistic approach to teaching voice. Looking beyond the vocal cords, the AApproach method recognizes the importance of rooting the breath and connecting to the body as we speak or sing. It draws on the latest scientific research, Swedish and Italian classical technique, and Eastern breathing practices like Qi Gong and Pranayama yoga.

  • Eric Arceneaux:  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Michael Bryant:  Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Leora Nosko:  Louisville, Kentucky
  • Jared Latchford:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Jessica Austin: Washington, DC
  • Trina Bordere: Atlanta, Georgia

All of our instructors are located in Eastern Standard Time.

Most lessons are conducted via Skype or FaceTime. Once you scheduled, we’ll make sure you have all details on how to connect with your coach for your lesson.

Instructions on how to schedule a lesson are on your preferred coach’s page. You can either schedule via their online calendar or by contacting the email address provided.

The cost of lessons depends on your choice of coach. You can find their fees listed on their individual pages.

Recently, Eric has been booking out 2 to 3 months in advance, so you may not see any availability this week. To find an opening, you can click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the calendar or use the “Jump to Date” function in the top right-hand corner. The calendar only shows 12 weeks at a time, so if you still don’t see any availability, then you will have to wait for the calendar to refresh with new dates.

Eric Arceneaux and Michael Bryant accept payments via debit or credit card, whereas TinaB, Leora Nosko, and Jared Latchford accept payments via PayPal.

As of now, Eric Arceneaux is the only instructor on staff who offers in-person lessons, and he lives in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are a new student, he requires that you book a single Skype session before working with him in his studio. After that, his assistant will email you his address.

While Eric Arceneaux and Michael Bryant do not work with children under 16 years old, TinaB, Leora Nosko, and Jared Latchford are happy to work with younger children and teens.

Eric offers three online courses on the Udemy platform. Phase I is designed for beginner to intermediate singers who want to improve their breath support, cord closure, and register blending in a safe way. Phase II is designed for intermediate to advanced singers who have already completed Phase I and have mastered the concepts of rooting the breath and reflexive support. Breathing Bootcamp is designed for singers of all experience levels who want to understand how to apply breath work to their vocal practice and take their singing to the next level. You can find out more information on each course in the “Online Courses” section of this website.

Online Courses

Since Udemy is a third-party platform, we do not have control over issues that you may be experiencing with the website or mobile app. You can find troubleshooting tips for common issues here or open a support ticket here.

To receive a refund for one of Eric’s online courses, follow these steps. Please note, however, that you can only refund a course within 30 days of purchase.

All of our instructors are located in Eastern Standard Time.

If you have a receipt for your purchase, then you can email it to schedulingaapproach@gmail.com with the subject line, “Lost Access to Course.” Once we’ve seen your receipt, we will grant you access to the most comparable course that Eric still offers.

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