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Welcome to the Home

of the AApproach

Heal Your Voice. Build Your Voice.

Welcome to the Home

of the AApproach

Heal Your Voice. Build Your Voice.


Voice Lessons


Vocal Therapy


Online Courses

Need help recovering from a vocal injury? Maybe you simply want to take your skills to the next level: range expansion, power,  control, etc. Either way, a certified AApproach instructor can be a game-changer, offering expert advice and guidance. 


If you don’t feel quite ready for a one-on-one, try one of our best-selling courses or our new highly-praised Patreon for singers.

About Us

What is the AApproach Method?

The AApproach method is a unique method for freeing the voice. Our techniques have been used to launch and sustain the careers of artists around the world. Whether you’re a serious vocalist interested in taking your professional skills to the next level or a beginner who just wants to sing for fun, you’ve come to the right place.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

At this time, we do not have any classes or workshops scheduled. Please check back later!

Breath Support: What? Why? How? -
Live Zoom Class

Powerhouse Vocals:
2 Day Live Zoom Class

Online Courses


Breathing Bootcamp
for Singers

This course contains 10 step-by-step lessons designed to help you maximize your vocal potential by tapping into the natural power...

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Elite Singing Techniques
Phase 1

This course is your "Professional Training" for singing. It is the most direct and to the point complete online singing course.

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Becoming A Natural Singer
Phase 2

You've mastered the techniques in Phase 1, and you've decided that you want to be more than just a “good" singer...

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Vocal Training Videos

I'm excited to share with you affordably-priced content that I simply wouldn't feel comfortable parting with for free. If you like my YouTube videos, then you'll LOVE this.

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