Vocal Coach

A Note from Eric:

Tina was one of my very first students, when I arrived to the Washington, DC area. From the start, I found her strikingly honest, and I appreciated her sincerity. I soon realized that she carried that same realness into her artistry. And, I can tell you with confidence, that it is abundantly present in her teaching as well. I offered TinaB. a position with AApproach, because over the years she has consistently proven to me that her technical ability and knowledge rival her passion and showmanship as an artist. Tina is a vocal coach who knows what it is to perform; she understands the mindset, hardships, and lifestyle of a professional recording artist. If you’re ready to develop a solid technical foundation and to take your artistry to new heights as a performer, I strongly recommend TinaB.


One-on-One Lessons
  • Skype or FaceTime
  • Age Restrictions: None
  • schedulingaapproach@gmail.com