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Advanced Warm-Up


Advanced Warm Up FAQ

What Is The Advanced Warm Up?

The AApproach Advanced Warm-Up is my most complete vocal warm up MP3 series that teaches you the exercises that I am using today to help both myself and clients get SO MUCH more out of their voice.

Will It Be Shipped?

It's designed to be portable and used on the go so we offer it as a digital download so that you can put it on your computer and/or your mp3 player immediately after purchase.

How Much From Your Youtube Warm Ups Are In Here?

There is some overlap but not a lot. Although the exercises may SEEM similar once you first hear them, you will see a big difference in how your voice sounds after you use them for a few days. These exercises are MUCH more effective.

How Do I Know Which Voice Type I Have?

Bass, Bass-Baritone, Contralto, Alto

  • Rich, full, "dark" timbre
  • Comfort singing at loud volumes
  • Prone to flatness in pitch
  • Commonly experiences involuntary "wobble" or wide vibrato
  • Prone to "heavy", "sluggish" or "weighted" feeling
  • Difficulty accessing the upper range

Baritone, Tenor, Mezzo Soprano

  • Rich timbre, with solid balance of overtones and undertones
  • Relative ease singing at loud volumes in upper register
  • Prone to neck tension, from carrying chest voice weight high into upper register
  • Commonly experiences jaw shake or facial muscle twitches, due to tension
  • Can sing tenor/soprano notes as well as bass/alto notes with relative ease

Soprano, Tenor

  • Light, treble, "pure" tonal quality
  • Voice feels naturally agile or pliant
  • Ease in accessing notes in the upper register
  • Prone to strain singing at loud volumes
  • Prone to hoarseness and vocal fatigue
  • Can often experience undesirably fast vibrato